You might not know this but Carolin Quentin has been married for a few years to a toyboy who is 12 years younger than her. A lot of people criticised her relationship and said that it would never last but ever since they tied the knot the couple have been inseparable.

Carolin is 52 and her younger / toyboy husband only 40 years old but it’s not stopped them from settling down into a happy and fulfilling marriage. Her partner even stays at home to look after their children as a stay at home husband allowing Carolin to continue with her busy acting schedule.

The former Men behaving badly star didn’t have a past history of engaging in toyboy dating but she is one of a growing number of older women who enjoy dating younger men. They met each other in 1998 on the set of Men Behaving Badly and they quickly realised there was a strong chemistry and 14 years later they are still together.